Why bodelog analytics?

bodelog analytics is a micro-ISV startup which began developing software solutions in 2010 to track and analyze exercise data. Our number one goal is to make planning and entering sets of weight lifting and repetition based exercises as simple and painless as possible. Entering exercise names, reps and weights into spreadsheets is time consuming and difficult to analyze. We harness the power and flexibility of relational databases with the advanced user-interface and data-binding capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation to facilitate easy tracking. Then, just like squeezing out that last rep, we'll help you squeeze out every ounce of information from your workout records.


bodelog analytics was founded on the idea that exercise is an accomplishment and deserves a written record. But more than that as a record it should be a source of information and inspiration. After years of exercise and weight training I have accumulated a small stack of gym notebooks. Our premiere product, bodElog, is designed to ease the process of transferring gym notes into data. bodElog links exercises to workouts to body areas so that you can plan and adjust your workouts to achieve a balanced state of physical fitness.